Elizabeth City

Elizabeth City, the Pasquotank County seat, is located in historic northeast North Carolina, midway on the East Coast. Known as a region of firsts, it hosted the first Grand Assembly of the County in 1655, it was the birthplace of education in the State, with the site of the first school in North Carolina, opening in 1709, and the famous "moth boat," a small sailboat, was created here in 1929.
      Located where the narrows of the Pasquotank River open up to the Albemarle Sound, Elizabeth City is the economic and commercial hub of the northeastern North Carolina mainland. Founded in 1793, it took on economic importance when the Dismal Swamp Canal was finished in 1805. This Canal linked the sounds and rivers of northeastern North Carolina with the port of Norfolk, which allowed planters and lumber companies a safe, quick method of good transport.
      Named one of "the 100 Best Small Towns in America," and known worldwide as the Harbor of Hospitality, Elizabeth City is a waterfront community of 18,000. Both Norfolk, VA, and the legendary Outer Banks beaches are only a 45 minute drive from Elizabeth City. A well-known location on the Intra-coastal Waterway, Elizabeth City offers 48-hour complimentary dockage to sailors from around the world. Boaters are greeted by the Rose Buddies, who offer roses and refreshments daily throughout the sailing season.
      Elizabeth City is home to the College of the Albemarle, the Roanoke Bible College, and Elizabeth City State University. It is also home to the largest U.S. Coast Guard command in the nation.

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